Two different tours 4th Oct 2016

We had two totally different trips out whale watching in Hervey Bay today. The morning tour was all about the mums and calves and we ended up in "the pocket" surrounded by them. We had a mum and calf breach together which is always something special to have happen. It was in perfect sync! We also spotted another tail up feeder, which we've seen a few this season. The afternoon was totally different as we only watched two pods, but they were pretty amazing! They were both chasing pods which everybody always love as they are so exciting and dynamic! The first pod consisted of four males and a beautiful female whose tail shows in the photo! She was doing some big tail extensions and was also pec slapping and rolling over quite a bit, must have been showing off to the males and was in the mood! After some some, the most dominent male ended up winning the fight and stayed with the female. It all went very quiet so we left them and found another fight going on! Counting this pod proved difficult as they were moving very quickly so it was easy to lose cound, but we reckon there was about twelve. It was a great day out!

We have a month to go of the Hervey Bay whale watch season, but there will be stacks of whales to come through as of yet. It is the part of the season where we see lot's of mums and calves and the boys get very boistrous looking for females to mate out in the bay. The mums teach their calves to breach and play, the males sing and chase, so it's all very exciting. To book a Hervey Bay whale watch tour with us, please contact our Reservations office: 1800 620 322 or visit our website: